How can I fix my fence or decking?

Call for free estimate and we can send out one of our professional and knowledgeable experienced sales team and look at it and see what would be the best suggestion for your project.  

How often should I replace my fence or deck and railing?

Depending on condition and materials you can call us to inquire vague suggestions or call for free estimate and we can inspect it and give our best and professional opinion. 

Do I need a permit for my fence or deck?

Depends on where you are located I would Suggest you  to contact your local municipality and ask them if you are required to get permit . Also would suggest checking with your HOA. As well if you would need to get approval from them. we can provide help if you would need. 

Can you build a fence or deck piers without digging in the grass?

There is multiple options available for setting post and multiple practices for digging and we have many years of experience dealing with it all. 

Do fence posts need to be in concrete?

We suggest  all post have the proper set to the proper depth for the application most of all fence we suggest to be set in concrete for the best  protection and longevity of the stability of the project. 

What is the cheapest fence?

All thought Cheapest is not always the best the most affordable option depends on the need for the project ranch rail , horse fence , chain link fence , Barb wire is on the lower end of the scale wood fence depending on the material there are multiple option that would affect price from top to the bottom and vinyl , ornamental aluminum or steel  would most ran in the middle  and we do top end custom option of wood steel aluminum and custom vinyl. 

When can you start work?

Depending on material supply availability and the current work load. We try to be very prompt and accommodating to every project big or small. 

Do fences break easy?

We always try to suggest that you use a good quality product that will stand up for the application that it is intended for our experience and our experienced honest dedicated sales team will try to advise you in the best professional way on the fence or deck and give you all the pro’s and con’s for each product.   

What materials are available for fences , decks and railing?

As Always depending on materials availability is the hardest thing over the last couple of years but the supply has got better and for most products we have seen the supply of stoke product doing good. 

 What form of payment do you accept?

We have Many different options available for making payments the most convenient we can we accept cash , personal check , certified check , money order ,ACH Transfer  , credit card ( discover ,visa , American Express , master card  ) 

And have Financing option available through synchrony back card service with 0% deferred interest.

Do you have warranty on material and labor?

Yes we stand Behind all work and can provide all manufacturers warranty info. 

Do you or we call Dig Rite for utility locate ?

Leave that to us we do and will call in all utility locate request from (MO one call ) we are required to as the contractor doing the work for insurance and per MO state law. WE DO NOT  have a way and CAN NOT locate private service to any utility sprinkles or drains and CAN NOT  take responsibility for damage to any utility drains or sprinkler systems. 

 Are we Required to get a survey?

We always suggest having a current survey and property markers as it is necessary to determine exact property line and placement of your project to insure that is inside your property lines. Also is necessary if required to get  permits and or HAO approval. 

When and how Do we Pay?

Depending on what you are paying with  cash , check or credit card we take a 50% deposit when we sign contract and Rest would be due upon Completion if you are financing the project through synchrony you would need to get approval from them to act as the deposit unless other arrangements are made prier to contract. 

What is the best material for a fence or deck and railing?

When you consider on your material for your fence or deck and railing it’s useful to first pick the type of material that you want to use and buy. For example; you might decide between wood, vinyl and aluminum . Wood has a distinct appearance and there’s certainly variety but aluminum , steel ,  vinyl and composite gives you a number of advantages for those looking for low maintenance requirements, durability and strength. Wood will age quickly , the paints and finishes will crack and fall off, and will be susceptible to water. Vinyl offers unmatched strength , is low maintenance , and is available in a wide range of styles. If u want something that will look just as good in twenty years as the day you installed it  is the way to go for longevity wood would be the best on price. 

What time of the year is the best to install a fence or deck?

Depending on whether being small delays of extreme cold or hot rainy snowy we install all year round. 

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